Bennett Rutledge for Centennial
Candidate for City Council District Two

Thank you all for your wonderful support in the 2017 campaign.

I will be maintaining this "thank you" site, especially the Q&A, as long as I can.


Why I am running

  • I shook hands with the founding Mayor of Centennial, back when the City had a paid staff of only 30 people.

  • I liked the philosophy of low taxes, contract services, and limited government intervention in a citizen’s way of life.

  • I have since had the City council lay on new taxes.

  • I have had the City Council create new “services” which benefit a few and in many cases leave most of Centennial worse off.

  • I have watched as the City Council voted unanimously* to cut back, even further than the State Legislature has, on what we may have on our own property.

  • I see that Centennial has lost its way, lured by the current fashions in governance style.


* Ms. Moon did abstain on one. See Minutes for July 10, 2017.

Why you would vote for me

  • I don't expect to DO much. I think the City of Centennial can be steered just as well by unDOing laws piled on by previous Councilfolk.

  • I am telling you up front that I am a human being. That means I am vulnerable to temptation and will need to be watched, just like any other public official, elected or not.

  • I will listen to any and all citizens of Centennial, not just District Two, accepting your opinions as valuable viewpoints, and using your input to serve all the people of Centennial...until the conversation gets repetitive, profane or involves threats.

  • I will not advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.

  • And, of course, should you choose me to serve on the City Council I affirm that I will support and defend the Consitution of the United States, of the State of Colorado, and the Charter of Centennial, and the laws and ordinances thereof, and will faithfully perform the duties of the office of City Council Member.

Why you should not vote for me

  • You expect government to provide The Right Answer to all of your desires.

  • You expect me to vote for laws just for you.

  • You want public officials that will not need to be watched.

  • You expect me to accept a donation of more than $500 from you, then feel a personal obligation to listen especially to you.

  • You want city tax money in your pocket over having more of your own money not leave your pocket to city taxes.

  • You are not registered to vote.

  • You have not lived in Centennial District 2 ever since October 15, 2017.

  • You are looking for a candidate who follows the current fashions.


Questions and Answers